Why I Won’t Be Adding Much Additional Content to This Website

Proud of Current Content

I intend to keep the mantheship.com website up ‘forever’, but plan on adding new content to it only occasionally. Why? Let me explain.

I’m proud of the content that I’ve created for Man the Ship. I think the ultimate guides and supporting documents and videos are helpful. They summarize how to get “happy, healthy and wealthy” in a straight-forward, down-to-Earth way. I strongly believe they summarize the “best” way to live. I hope they help as many people as possible and I hope they help you.

Nothing New Under the Sun

But there isn’t anything new under the sun. Nothing that I’ve written is ground breaking – the path to success and contentment is predictable. Everyone knows how to grow money: live below your means, invest and behold the power of compound interest. Everyone knows how to be healthy – eat properly and exercise. It’s well known and predictable and I don’t have much else to say on the matters beyond what I already have.

I refuse to fall into the trap that so many other people do. They start needing to pump out blog articles and YouTube videos ad nauseum to maintain their social presence. To get subscriptions, likes and comments. I get it: the more you pump out, the more your content is seen, the more its seen the more its liked and shared and then the more its recommended to others (in search engines, on YouTube) and the cycle continues. Viewers constantly crave new content. Creators give viewers what they want, but at what cost?

Slave to the Machine

I’ve seen so many bloggers and vloggers become slave to the machine. They start out creating great, foundational blogs posts and videos on the topics I’m interested in – spirituality, finance, cryptocurrency, etc. And then I can tell the exact moment when they have ‘jumped the shark’ and have said pretty much what there is to say about the topic but then just have to start pandering to their audience by making new content even though they’ve run out of things to say, just to keep their blogs and YouTube channels growing and relevant. Titles become more and more dramatic. So do their video thumbnails. They start talking about the day’s drama – an easy go-to.

It makes me sad to see it when it happens, I lose interest immediately and move on from them, and it makes me embarrassed for them. But I know I’m in the minority here. I’ll revisit their blogs and channels later and they’re growing faster and bigger than ever. Drama sells. I get it.

(I started getting sucked into being more dramatic with titles like “My 1 Year Journey To Improve My Finances – Amazing Results!” – Ugh!)

The Future

Maybe one day, I’ll get the urge to jump into blogging and vlogging more and will start cranking out more content. I recognize that that is necessary so that more people can find my content so that it can help more people. Maybe I’ll realize pumping out more surface-level content is necessary so that people can find the more foundational content that I’m truly proud of. But, I’m not there right now. I’d feel like I had sold my soul to the devil if I had to constantly say, “hey guys, make sure you smash that Like button”.

Jason Howe

Jason Howe is the founder of Man the Ship.