My Experiences with Real-Life Paranormal Activity

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For a short period in 2008, I experienced unexplainable events around our house. I tried finding natural explanations but couldn’t. This article details my experience with real-life paranormal activity.

I Learned How to go into Yogic Sleep

By 2008, I was meditating regularly for years without experiencing any paranormal activity. I experienced other things like third eye chakra activity but I was expecting that and could explain it.

But I learned a new technique in 2008. It was yogic sleep (yoga nidra). This is where I kept my mind alert while allowing my body to fall sleep. This is when the paranormal activity started happening.

First Event – When First Experiencing Yoga Nidra

The first unexplainable event was the first time I experienced yoga nidra. I told Jenn I was going up to our bedroom to mediate. We have an agreement to not interrupt each other when meditating so I figured she’d just stay in the living room and keep watching TV.

I headed up and laid on the bed. The room was dark, the door was open. I began trying to experience yoga nidra. Closing my eyes, I stared off into the distance in my mind’s eye, slightly in the distance as if looking for a light in the darkness.

Then it started happening – my inner awareness started feeling larger and larger like I was in a huge cave while my body started feeling heavier and heavier and warmer and warmer. Then the change in perception I was waiting for happened. Things clicked and my sense was that my reality was in my head and the outside world was far off in the distance. My body was asleep but my mind stayed alert.

I started experimenting. I was able to move energy around my body. As I moved it up and down my legs, I felt it on my body but also “saw” it in my mind’s eye. A dog barked sending energy exploding into colors in my mind. It was wild and wonderful and deeply peaceful.

But then I heard my wife come up the steps. I recognized her foot patterns. She came up the stairs, rounded the corner into our room, walked to the other side of the bed and… just stood there.

I meditated for another minute or so but it was distracting so I came out of my meditation and slowly opened my eyes and saw… no one in the room. It was weird but maybe she quietly got something and left the room again.

So I went downstairs and asked why she came up stairs and she said hadn’t left the couch.

Second Event – Radio, Pans

A couple evenings later, I was on the couch in the living room while home alone practicing yoga nidra again. I was just getting into it and the radio turned on by itself in the kitchen. It obviously snapped me right out of it. I unplugged it and tried going back into trance.

Just as I was making progress again, what sounded like two pans clanged together once real loud. It snapped me out of it again and I ended the session for the night for good.

Third Event – Tugging

A couple nights later, Jenn fell asleep on the couch and I slept on the floor next to her. As I was sleeping, I awoke to something tugging at my blanket. It felt like someone pulling the blankets from down by my legs. It woke me up. I pulled the blankets back onto me and saw a skeletal hand pulling at the blankets. I pulled hard one final time and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Fourth Event – The Darkness

The house started to have a thickness come over it during this time. I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye. It was subtle but palpable. Shadows, things scurry. Felt like something was watching me.

The boys were only about one year old when all of this was happening. One evening, I was feeding them in their high chairs. They kept on looking at something down the hall way. I looked and didn’t see anything. Then they both stopped at the same time, turned at the same time and looked down the hall again for a good five seconds. It was unsettling.

Time to Take Action

Now, I need to explain something. I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual, esoteric, supernatural and paranormal. Having unusual things happen comes with the territory. But I take it very serious.

I always try to poke and prod reality and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. All in the name of spiritual exploration and growth. That’s why I didn’t freak out when any of these things happened. Especially with the skeletal hand, I remember thinking at the time that I was proud of myself for not freaking out.

I always try to be extremely responsible in what I do spiritually. I think through what if what I’m doing can harm my karma or bring harm or danger to my family. And this was my red line. I started feeling like something came into the house that could be dangerous or get out of hand.

The next day when I was home alone, I did the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) in evening room, burned incense, threw all the blinds open to get natural light in and blasted tribal drumming music. That physically and spiritually lightened the vibe and got all the “bad juju” out of there. It worked and I didn’t experience anything else unexplainable.


I thought it all through to see if I could explain everything naturally. OK, I checked the radio and it didn’t have an alarm that could be programmed to turn the radio on. But maybe it had a short. And maybe a couple pots slid together. And maybe the rest was just in my head. Sure, absolutely possible. I could never “prove” otherwise but man it seemed like something more was going on.

I didn’t have many people I could call about this stuff. Most friends and family members are Christian would think I was crazy or “meddling with demons.” I ended up calling Michael Plasha who runs the longest standing yoga studio in town.

I introduced myself and got to talking. It was nice to talk to someone with an open mind. Of course he said it’s just really hard to tell exactly what was going on because the nature of it. He agreed it could be demonic but also that it could have been my life force disrupting things around me since yoga nidra was a pretty powerful technique.


Over ten years later and I’m still meditating, performing ritual and other spiritual practices. Many different techniques. I haven’t experienced any paranormal activity since.

I’m always vigilant looking for any signs of anything odd. I listen out if Jenn or the boys say anything that could hint something unexplainable is brewing. I watch if our dog starts acting weird. There’s been a couple times when my ears have perked up when the boys have said they’re afraid to sleep in their room or something like that but nothing has come of it.

Jason Howe

Jason Howe is the founder of Man the Ship.

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