Be sure to read the intro so that you understand what the terms used here mean and how they fit together.


Most Americans practice the religion of their parents or none at all and don’t think much about the esoteric aspects of life other than maybe lightly believing in ghosts and hoping to end up somewhere nice in the afterlife. Don’t be like most Americans. There is a wild, weird, wacky spiritual realm out there that most people don’t approach, either out of ignorance or fear. Which is a shame, because the spiritual realm and it’s systems are all around us and is literally what makes the world work. Tap into it, and you can get whatever you want out of this life, evolve spiritually and end up somewhere great in the dimensions beyond physical death. Below is a list of core skills and abilities to develop and links to many different topics for additional information.


To feel purposeful.

Goal Characteristics

To live your life with passion, excitement and creativity.

To not be just living day-to-day without any direction


  1. Meditate daily.
  2. Learn and use the laws of reality.
  3. Stay in the present moment.
  4. Visualize and manifest your reality.
  5. Find what spiritual expression works for you.
  6. Express yourself creatively.

Skill Expressions