Purchase one-on-one life coaching virtual sessions with Jason below for future use. Once purchased, you’ll receive an email with Jason’s phone number – call him when you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you check your email’s junk folder for emails from Man the Ship and whitelist them so they don’t get blocked in the future.

Jason is available for sessions by appointment 6-9 PM Monday – Friday, and 9 AM-5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. All times EST time zone.

Purchasing a package brings multiple advantages. It proves to yourself how serious and dedicated you are to your self-help journey. And you get a significant discount when purchasing a larger package of sessions. Future single sessions are also less expensive because your price is however much each lesson in the package you chose is (take total package price divided by number of sessions to see what future sessions would cost).

Single sessions aren’t available initially because it takes at least two sessions for you and Jason to develop your Action Plan.

Inner Peace 2

(2) one-on-one virtual sessions. $297

Inner Peace 4

(4) one-on-one virtual sessions. $537

Inner Peace 8

(8) one-on-one virtual sessions. $959