One Week Spiritual Retreat

The idea came to me to do a one week spiritual retreat. I’ll cut out things I’m addicted to and focus on making progress with my spiritual pursuits.

Here are the rules I came up with.

It will be from Monday, April 29 to Sunday, May 5.

During that time, I won’t do the following, which are things I’m addicted to and/or love doing:

  • No watching YouTube,
  • No checking news websites,
  • No checking social media – Facebook and Linkedin,
  • No speaking to my dad (we usually speak daily, sometimes multiple times),
  • No checking Bitcoin/cryptocurrency balances/news,
  • No checking investments/balances,
  • No video games.

In their place, I’ll ramp up my spiritual pursuits:

  • Continue to read “The Mind Illuminated” and practice the meditation techniques it teaches,
  • Continue to read “Leaving the Body” and practice the astral projection techniques it teaches,
  • Be mindful and in the present moment throughout the day – when driving, walking, sitting, eating – everywhere.

It’s good to challenge yourself. I’m constantly moved to challenge myself and grow. I’ve done the Whole30 diet cleanse twice, I’ve fasted 3-4 times and am starting to do it regularly, I went 100 days without missing a workout 3 days a week and still work out and have only missed 2 days and am going on 200 days.

But if someone was watching me do these challenges, it wouldn’t be very exciting and would be down right boring most of the time. It’s because most of the growth is occurring inside of me in my inner mental landscape and soul. And the growth rarely comes right away but after the hard work is put in. You usually don’t realize how far you’ve traveled until you look back at where you’ve come from.

With that said, I anticipate this week will be difficult but rewarding like most of my endeavors but that there won’t be any big breakthroughs but instead will be more slow and steady progress and growth which is great.

I texted my dad that I’m going to focus on some things for a week and will talk with him next Sunday.

I’ll document how things unfold day-by-day.