One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 6

Today is Saturday and I woke up feeling anxious. It’s the feeling I get when I know I’m going to accomplish something soon. I also felt the deep, quiet peaceful feeling I usually feel around the house. The house gets very quiet and a heavy, thick, reverent feeling drops over it. It’s extremely peaceful.

I woke up, did mediation and astral work and then did mundane things around the house in the morning – laundry, walked the dog, cut the grass, ate breakfast with the family. It was early afternoon once all of that was out of the way.

Then the anxious feeling hit me again and something told me it was time to mediate again. It felt so right. I told Jenn I was heading to the guest bedroom to mediate and if she and the boys needed anything from me beforehand.

I retired to the bedroom and ended up mediating and doing astral work for around two and a half hours. It was a long but good session. I didn’t fall asleep and had many productive mini-sessions.

Only one unusual thing happened of note. I closed the door and blinds before starting to give me privacy and to keep the room dim. When setting my alarm between sessions, I noticed Charlie was laying near the wall of the room. I thought it was odd because I was sure I closed the door all the way and so he wouldn’t have been able to get into the room. I disregarded that and looked at him lovingly because he was laying there nice and calm. I looked closer and he looked different. Maybe his fur looked darker or maybe he even looked sickly or disfigured. I looked closer in the darkness and… it was a blanket. It wasn’t Charlie at all! It was amazing that my mind could make up that the dark brown blanket was actually Charlie and I truly believed that it was him for a good 5-10 seconds. ‘He’ did look odd/sickly to me while my brain was trying to figure out what I was seeing. It’s like it was powering the illusion while trying to see through it at the same time. It shows the power of the mind and that we can make up whatever we want if we focus.

Once I got up, the anxious feeling I felt when I first got up subsided. The rest of the day was spent with the family.

Day 6 is done and done.