One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 5

I did more meditation and astral work in the morning and had a peaceful day at work. It was a family night in the evening. Spent most of it with our twin boys – watching a movie together and just hung out. It was wonderful. I meditated before going to bed and then had a good night sleep.

I was in a pensive mood in the evening. I was thinking back to how I was when I was younger. In my late teens and early twenties, I was still living in my hometown of Pittsburgh. I was angry. I was scared. I was directionless. I was broke. I couldn’t get my head on straight. I saw my friends going out into the world to start their journeys but I couldn’t jump-start my life no matter what I tried.

Looking back now, I could easily have seen my life continue that way. Me growing older, being lonely, bitter and angry and my life being rudderless. But then, it happened. It was the first time I felt the gut feeling that I’ve learned to listen to and cherish ever since. It has never let me down.

The gut feeling told me to attend the technical school that was just opening five minutes away from my house. I didn’t understand because I felt like I had learned the computer skills on my own from a young age and that I didn’t need to go to school to learn them. I applied and started classes.

The next twenty four months is a blur. It’s as if I had unknowingly jumped into a spiritual stream full of opportunity and grace. I was rewarded handsomely for listening to my gut. I did have the computer skills and they were recognized while being honed. The school hired me as a teacher’s assistant. I was also hired in the school’s IT department. My anger melted away, I gained confidence and I became focused.

Although all of this wonderful stuff was happening, I yearned for a girlfriend. I thought about meeting a special someone a lot. I wrote poetry wishing to meet someone. I remember this one poem that I wrote. It was a cry to the universe on wanting to meet that special someone. I unknowingly learned how to visualize and manifest what I want because less than a day later, I met my wife and soulmate at a party.

When we first locked eyes at that party, I saw a vision in my mind’s eye of us getting married in a big, beautiful Catholic church and imprinted onto that, an image of two toddlers in cloth diapers. We eventually married in a church just like in my vision and had twin boys shortly after. I met a couple business men shortly after meeting Jenn who were starting a company. They hired me on and I became the first employee hired at a Medicaid HMO. They tasked me and trusted me to build the IT staff and infrastructure. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I grabbed it by the balls and excelled at it.

Jenn is from Erie and her and I traveled back and forth from Pittsburgh and Erie for the first year of our relationship. Then my employer announced that they were moving headquarters from Pittsburgh to Erie. I moved up to Erie for the career and Jenn. It was perfect.

Like I said, those two years were an absolute blur and were awesome, crazy, wonderful, exhilarating. I truly believe I entered what is called a spiritual stargate, which is that “spiritual stream” I mentioned that makes everything just fall into place gracefully and have many opportunities present themselves in rapid fashion.

I don’t know why I first felt that gut feeling. I don’t know if I caused it or if it was gifted to it. I don’t know what else to call it so I call it ‘spiritual’. Maybe it’s not even a real thing and I just got lucky. Maybe I’ll never know for sure. I figure I might finally find out once I die and go back to the Astral, if that’s how things even work. Who knows.

A part of getting ‘gut feelings’ is feeling nudged to do challenges like this ‘spiritual retreat’. I listen to my gut and do them. All I know is that after all of these years, good things happen to me and my family if I follow my ‘gut feelings’ and we get what we want and need if I perform my visualization and manifestation techniques.

More importantly than that though, is the continued inner growth I’m experiencing. I’ve come along way from being that angry, scared, directionless kid and I have nothing but reverence and awe for the whole path that has unfolded for me and my family.