One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 4

Today was a day of rest. I meditated and did my astral work this morning and had another centered day at work. After work, I finished the website I’ve been working on ( But afterwards, I pretty much crashed. I tried doing a meditation session but fell sleep. And that was wrap on the day.

For anyone reading this weekly ‘retreat’, it would be easy to think ‘so, he’s just reading and meditating more and cutting out some time wasters? What’s the big deal?’ And they’d be… right! Rarely is self-improvement dramatic or its impact felt immediately. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is dramatic and immediate.

Like the time I stopped drinking soda cold turkey December 28, 2016. I went from having aching bones and being overweight to losing fifteen pounds and my second neck in a very short time. Or the time I went from feeling horrible and wondering if I could live my life that physically ill every day to feeling absolutely amazing overnight when I figured out that I had developed a gluten sensitivity and cut it out of my diet.

But usually, the progress is slow and steady. For example, I’ve worked out three days a week for 165 days now, with only missing two days (due to a bad cold). It’s been wonderful seeing myself getting stronger over weeks and months. But any single workout session hasn’t been anything to get excited and write home about. Slow and steady. Or the time I finished the basement with my own two hands. It was from an unfinished dank basement to our favorite room in the house. It took me eight months of working on it every day. Slow and steady. Or the time I became my subdivision’s HOA president and led a push to get the HOA legally functional after years of it being stalled. That took me a month to manifest myself to become the president and then another couple of months to work with nearly a hundred households to get the necessary work done. Slow and steady.

What’s the commonality between all of these examples? You need to simply put in the work, no matter how long it takes to get it done. Most people don’t have enough motivation and determination to start or stick with something. They might work out once (and of course post it to social media to get the adulation!) but then get lazy or lose interest and they just don’t stick with it once the excitement wears off. It may stem from not realizing what the process of accomplishment or growth is like.

It’s not just meditating once and then losing interest. It’s meditating every day. It’s not just reading one chapter out of a self-help book. It’s reading a chapter a day and then also applying what it teaches. It’s not just working out once, it’s working out every time you’re scheduled, no matter if you “have the time” or”feel like it”. When it comes down to it – you just need to put the work in.

Day 4 – done.