One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 3

I did a good but short meditation and astral projection session when I awoke this morning. I wasn’t feeling it but did it anyway, which is the important thing. I read another chapter of the astral projection book.

It was another good day at work. Calm, centered, peaceful yet focused, determined and productive. The sadness and quiet from the previous two days left and I became much more social again. I’ve always been into discussing the deeper aspects of life with people. I always felt I was bold with striking up conversations with people about them but was still pretty conservative in my approach. I’ve been bolder lately and it’s been wonderful. There’s nothing I get more joy from than watching someone’s entire being light up when they feel safe and comfortable enough to open up and share their trials and tribulations. Their dreams and fears. Their hopes and regrets. That’s where real life happens. That’s when people we just might know as two-dimensional family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers come alive and become true three-dimensional human beings. It’s wonderful.

After work, I completely got sucked into continuing to work on that new website from yesterday. I spent pretty much all evening. I hammered at it for hours. It’s very satisfying to go from not knowing how to do something and going ten rounds with it and finally figuring it out. It’s almost done and I’ll probably have it ready to launch tomorrow and then I can get back to focusing on my spiritual practices more.

I feel like my spiritual practices, talking to people about deeper things and me working on my projects like the website I’m working on now is all related but I’m not quite sure how – it’s quite confusing and ethereal to me. I don’t think if it’s as straight forward as my spiritual practices make me calmer, which allows me to be more social, and driven to focus on my hobbies. It’s more like practices/social/hobbies feed into each other like a positive feedback loop. I’ve learned long ago to not over-analyze the process but to trust it, even when it gets tough or weird because it’s eventually satisfying and rewarding.

I did another good but short meditation and astral session before bed.

Day 3 is in the books.