One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 2

I did meditation and astral practice this morning upon waking. Then an idea came to me. I should have a website where I can put information that I use regularly for my job. It would be a handy way to store and access that info. I started obsessing over it. I decided it’s do-able and worthwhile so I started planning it out in my mind while at work and started building it once I got home.

I’m not surprised that an idea like this struck me while I’m focusing on this spiritual retreat. I have to be careful because I’m not sure why my mind came up with the idea and it could help or hurt my retreat. I figure a couple things could be going on. Maybe a part of my mind came up with it to help pacify me while I’m doing this retreat since I’m not doing the usual things that bring me comfort. If that’s the case, is it fine and I can do it and my spiritual practices or is it taking time away from them and I should wait to work on the site until my retreat is over?

Or, maybe building the the site is part of my challenge and growth for this week. I commonly do that. I’ll connect a mundane project like building a website with something loftier like this retreat. As I make progress in the mundane project I also recognize that I’m also making progress in the loftier goal. It’s also a nice way to remember back what I was doing when I did the retreat. For example, I remember working through the video game Bloodborne when I first discovered I’m gluten sensitive. I fondly remember progressing through the game while also cutting out gluten and feeling better and better over those couple months.

Either way, I’m going to continue working on the site this week. I get very addicted to things and will attack a new project like that until it’s done. It feels great and rewarding to do. I feel like I’ve given birth and have had a great weight lifted from my shoulders once it’s done. I fully understand the irony that I’ve given up addictions this week but happily am starting a new one with building the website now! But the idea came to me with the certain sensation I get that tells me it’s the right thing to do. That gut feeling overrules everything and it has never failed me.

Anyway, those are the types of things I think about as I go through my days.

I mediated and did astral projection practice before bed. Nothing special to report but yet it’s one more session of making slow and steady progress.