How do I make an appointment?
Simply call (814) 454-2343.

What geographical locations do you service?
World-wide. The Man the Ship framework can benefit anyone anywhere.

What are the hours of operation?
Monday through Friday evenings, 6 to 10 PM, Saturday and Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM. Jason offers these hours because he understands it’s difficult to work around typical work schedules.

Are meetings with virtual or in-person?
Jason meets with clients virtually. The meetings can be with video so that you and Jason can see each other or you can be audio-only so that he won’t be able to see you. You’ll always be able to see him; he prefers to be seen so that you can see him and his body language which is critical to communication.

Do you accept any health insurance?
Working with Jason involves in-depth work in all aspects of your life – physical, mental, spiritual and financial. Health insurance does not cover this type of service and so Jason does not participate in health insurance and will not bill your health insurance.

What payment options do you accept?
You’ll be sent an invoice to your preferred email address which is payable by credit/debit card.

What types of issues does Jason resolve?

What does ‘Man the Ship’ mean?
“Man the ship and bring her to life” is the traditional first order given to a crew of a newly commissioned US Navy ship. Manning a ship is a great analogy of how to live an intentional life. When manning your life, just as when manning a ship, you need to know how to explore the world, decide where you’re heading, know how to course correct, how to maintain the ship, weather storms and enjoy the scenery.