The central questions I explore on Man the Ship are nothing short of the biggest: “What is the true nature of reality?” and “How can we live our best lives?

I investigate the “big” questions about existence itself as well as how we can live our “small” lives better in it. Both the objective and subjective realities. To me, the two are intrinsically linked.

How To Live Your Best Life

I’ve been interested in the big questions for as long as I remember and have searched for answers for the last 20 years.

As a result, I propose the best way to live is in moderation and you have the highest chance of being happy, healthy and wealthy by improving all aspects of yourself – physical, mental, spiritual and financial. This is where all self-help falls short. None of it focuses on all aspects.

We Know How

Which is sad, because mankind has answered much of it. But most of it’s isolated from each other.

Doctors and scientists focus on the physical. Psychologists focus on the mental. Gurus and other spiritual leaders focus on the spiritual. Financial advisers focus on the financial.

Sometimes they’ll focus on two (psychologists touch on the connection between the physical and mental), and (rarely) three (holistic therapists acknowledge the connection between body, mind and spirit).

But none of them acknowledge the strong connection and interplay between all four spheres – physical, mental, spiritual and financial – in a unified, cohesive conversation.

No one has brought it together under one roof. Until now.

The Framework

I’ve developed a unique framework that encompasses all the spheres. I’ve looked to ancient spirituality and modern day scientific and medical knowledge to:

  1. Define what is considered success in each sphere,
  2. How to determine where you are right now in each sphere,
  3. Teach you the step-by-step actions you need to take to succeed in each sphere, and,
  4. Learn how the spheres interrelate with each other and how that effects you.

I firmly believe in this approach since you have a better chance to succeed and solve problems if you understand the big picture as well as the details.

Find the Help You’re Looking For

This leads me to discuss many topics that at first seem disparate but are intrinsic:

  • PhysicalHow to feel better through diet and exercise. How to diagnose food sensitivities such as gluten. Learn what medical tests such as cholesterol and blood work you should get done to determine if you’re healthy and what needs improved.
  • MentalHow to have a clear, calm mind through self-help. Manage depression, anxiety (including social anxiety), OCD and other neuroses. How to develop motivation and habits. Communicate better. How to break the social media addiction.
  • SpiritualHow to feel purposeful and live with passion and creativity. Learn meditation, visualization, manifestation. How to perform magick, contact entities. Learn many great spiritual resources including a multitude of training systems in different traditions.
  • FinancialHow to be without financial stress. How to retire with dignity. Become an everyday millionaire. How to save and invest and responsibility manage your money.

Granted that those may not seem related to each other at first but are all in fact the puzzle pieces that make you up. You improve those areas of your life in a balanced, cohesive, intentional way, and you dramatically increase the chances of having a long, fulfilling, calm and fun life.

Deep but Simple

Truthfully, most of the answers I write about aren’t my own. But I didn’t need to come up with the answers, because like I said, most have been figured out by many great thinkers throughout history. I share the best resources I’ve found. I’ve searched in the darkness for 20 years for these resources so that you don’t have to.

My goal is to always go deep into what we discuss but to boil things down and make them simple and easy to understand so that it can start helping you today.

The Approach

I take a scientific approach to life: observe, research, hypothesize, test, analyze and share the results. That’s more robust (and less delusional) than having preconceived notions and trying to twist the world to fit them.

I think my framework is the best way to live. But my thinking is always evolving and I’m always looking for better ways to live.

What’s Next?

This site is the primary place where I explain and discuss the framework. I launched the website January 2020 so it’s new. I’m posting articles regularly that explains the framework and those step-by-step instructions to help you improve your life in dramatic ways.