One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 7

Today is Sunday and the last day of my spiritual retreat. I woke up and you guessed it – meditated and did my astral work. I then read another chapter out of the meditation and astral books. Jenn and I walked Charlie around the subdivision and I did walking meditation. You focus on the bottom […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 6

Today is Saturday and I woke up feeling anxious. It’s the feeling I get when I know I’m going to accomplish something soon. I also felt the deep, quiet peaceful feeling I usually feel around the house. The house gets very quiet and a heavy, thick, reverent feeling drops over it. It’s extremely peaceful. I […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 5

I did more meditation and astral work in the morning and had a peaceful day at work. It was a family night in the evening. Spent most of it with our twin boys – watching a movie together and just hung out. It was wonderful. I meditated before going to bed and then had a […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 4

Today was a day of rest. I meditated and did my astral work this morning and had another centered day at work. After work, I finished the website I’ve been working on ( But afterwards, I pretty much crashed. I tried doing a meditation session but fell sleep. And that was wrap on the day. […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 3

I did a good but short meditation and astral projection session when I awoke this morning. I wasn’t feeling it but did it anyway, which is the important thing. I read another chapter of the astral projection book. It was another good day at work. Calm, centered, peaceful yet focused, determined and productive. The sadness […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 2

I did meditation and astral practice this morning upon waking. Then an idea came to me. I should have a website where I can put information that I use regularly for my job. It would be a handy way to store and access that info. I started obsessing over it. I decided it’s do-able and […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat – Day 1

Instead of grabbing my phone when I awoke to check the news, I started my spiritual practices. I started with “The Mind Illuminated”. For those unfamilair, this is where you focus on the physical sensation of your breath at the tip of your nose as you inhale and exhale as you count your breaths from […]

One Week Spiritual Retreat

The idea came to me to do a one week spiritual retreat. I’ll cut out things I’m addicted to and focus on making progress with my spiritual pursuits. Here are the rules I came up with. It will be from Monday, April 29 to Sunday, May 5. During that time, I won’t do the following, […]