We’re all “works in progress” and my story is similar to many others – difficult childhood, trying to find myself in adolescence, trying to find my way once I became an adult. 

I developed a love for technology in adolescence which led to a successful career in enterprise information technology. I soon discovered in my early twenties that I also enjoy personal finance and spiritual development and they felt the same when learning and applying them to my life. 

I started taking my physical health more seriously in my thirties and again discovered it was similar to tech, finances and spirituality.

As I entered my forties, I realized that I was healing and growing myself in all areas of life – physical, mental, spiritual and financial. And I had accrued an inner spiritual stillness, sitting ‘under’ all emotion, thought and feeling, that allows me experience inner peace, contentment and centeredness as I go about my days, which has been a great resource to help reach my personal and professional goals and to simply enjoy life more fully.

I’m not perfect and neither is my life – but perfection is rarely the goal – progression is. And now I have had a much better set of tools that for over fifteen years help me live my best life. And I’m humbled that I’m able to help empower people from around the world to make progress in their lives by applying the same intentional, holistic approach.