Welcome to “Man the Ship”.

My name is Jason Howe and I reside in Erie, PA, USA. My career is in Information Technology but I regularly chat with people about the deeper aspects of life. I enjoy discussing health, fitness, mental well-being, spirituality and personal finance. As a follow up, I used to send people links to different websites if they wanted more information. To make it easier, I created this site to put the info I’d like to share all in one place.

I lived an otherwise ordinary life until age 22. At age 22, I developed a strong yearning to understand the true reality of nature. That led me to diving deeply into alternative spirituality. Through my twenties, I discovered, researched and practiced many spiritual paradigms and techniques. This included meditation, energy work, astral projection, ceremonial magick, Chaos Magic, Enochian magick, Hermetics, Kabbalah, Tarot, Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), Wicca, Druid, Satanism, Buddhism, Hinduism and many others.

As I went through this learning process, I started to understand that most of the world’s spiritualities are explaining the same things, albeit sometimes using very different terminology and technique. The common threads running through the spiritualities became clear:

  • That an intelligent consciousness created reality,
  • That consciousness sustains reality and is the reality,
  • That reality runs like a machine via spiritual systems and abides by spiritual laws,
  • That multiple dimensions make up reality,
  • That those systems, laws and dimensions can be understood and manipulated,
  • That inner growth, perfected over many lifetimes through the laws of karma and reincarnation, is the purpose of an intentional life,
  • That evolving your mental, emotional, physical faculties leads to inner growth and can be expressed in an unlimited number of ways.

My mind was filled with book knowledge, but a deeper, more profound change was happening within my heart and spirit. I learn the techniques required to tap into the spiritual reality, but I was also evolving the required attitude and outlook on life. It moved from something I did to becoming who I am. Putting these spiritual techniques into practice and developing the right attitude towards life has empowered me to have a healthy, fulfilling, peaceful, bountiful life.

I have mixed emotions of living this way for nearly 20 years now. I can never express in words how deeply and profoundly thankful I am to have found this path. But it’s a lonely path. Most people, especially in the West, never discover it. I can see why. The true reality of things is just under the surface of day-to-day life. If you don’t look for it, you’ll miss it. But, it makes me sad that most people don’t discover the true reality of things because not tapping into it’s power is the cause for all mental, emotional and physical pain.

The Site’s Purpose

Some things can be learned but not taught. The true reality of nature is that way. I can’t prove to you that this is how things work. And I can’t teach you the required attitude and inner development that is needed to approach it. But if you’re seeking for that information, then I can point you to it for you to go check it out and discover it for yourself. This website is full of pointers. I’ve tried to boil down the best resources I know of – books, videos, websites – that point you to the truth and to help you develop the required “flow” and related techniques to discover the true reality of nature.

Simple but Not Easy

I still experience problems in life. The unexpected and uncontrollable are always right around the corner. I know life is hard. But applying the techniques on this site and developing the right mindset has allowed life to become much easier. I’m not saying a lot of the stuff on this site is easy; it’s usually simple but not necessarily easy. Most of it takes focus, determination, elbow grease and – above all – the right attitude and massive will power. But, I know first-hand it is do-able. Ironically, working hard at life makes it easier.

The Meaning of “Man the Ship”

“Man the ship and bring her to life” is the traditional first order given to a crew of a newly commissioned US Navy ship. Manning a ship is a great analogy of how to live an intentional life. When manning your life, just as when manning a ship, you need to know how to explore the world, decide where you’re heading, know how to course correct, how to maintain the ship, weather storms and enjoy the scenery.