Welcome to Man the Ship

My name is Jason Howe and I reside in Erie, PA, USA. My career is in Information Technology but I regularly chat with people about the deeper aspects of life. I enjoy discussing health, fitness, mental well-being, spirituality and personal finance. As a follow up, I used to send people links to different websites if they wanted more information. To make it easier, I created this site to put the info I’d like to share all in one place.

About the Author

I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. I learned to see the world in a certain way and then tried stuffing it into that mold. I had doubts in the back of my mind while acting like I knew everything.

At age 22, I threw out all of my preconceived notions as I developed a strong yearning to understand the true reality of nature. That led me to diving deeply into alternative spirituality. Through my twenties and thirties, I discovered, researched and practiced many spiritual paradigms and techniques. This included meditation, energy work, astral projection, ceremonial magick, Chaos Magic, Enochian magick, Hermetics, Kabbalah, divination (Tarot, runes), Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), non-duality, Wicca, Druidry, Satanism, Left-Hand Path, Buddhism, Hinduism and many others.

A profound change was happening within my heart and spirit as my mind was being filled with book knowledge. I learned the techniques required to tap into the spiritual reality, but I was also evolving the required attitude and outlook on life. It moved from something I did to becoming who I am. I still don’t know if I know how the world works – does anyone truly know for sure? – but all I know is that putting certain physical, mental, spiritual and financial practices into motion and developing the right attitude towards life has empowered me to have a healthy, fulfilling, peaceful, bountiful life. There is an unlimited number of ways to live intentionally and the path I walk works for me. I have no complaints or regrets.

The Site’s Purpose

Like I said, I send people that I talk with a link to this site if they’re interested in more information about the topics we were discussing. Sometimes, it’s about the true nature of reality but other times it’s more straight forward topics such as weight loss or improving their personal finances. So, you’ll find a wide array of topics linked on here but they’re all related and focused on inner growth. They’ve all helped me tremendously and I hope you find something that speaks to you and helps you as well. Take a look and use what is useful to you.

On the other hand, this site isn’t a blog (except for when I want it to be). I’m not an author, life coach or guru. I’m not going to pump out article after article about these topics. That’s why I simply summarize what’s worked for me and link to other resources for you to go read and watch for more information and the step-by-step. Go visit those resources. Read the books. Watch the videos. Have your “aha” moments discovering concepts that are so profound it’s like you already knew them but forgot and just needed to be reminded again.

The Meaning of “Man the Ship”

“Man the ship” means to take intentional control of your life. “Man the ship and bring her to life” is the traditional first order given to a crew of a newly commissioned US Navy ship. Manning a ship is a great analogy of how to live an intentional life. When manning your life, just as when manning a ship, you need to know how to explore the world, decide where you’re heading, know how to course correct, how to maintain the ship, weather storms and enjoy the scenery.

I recommend that you read the introduction next.